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Disconnections by Alichat
by Alichat

This is my second critique EVER, and it's on this picture here. :aww: Anyway, i know i commented on this picture already, but, i really wan...

Take Me Somewhere Nice by vanyeeah

Well, this is my first time doing this, and i know i already commented, but... You know... I really like how inspiring this picture is....


Hello, Awesome people... I know, it has been awhile... I, Jspeed384, am here, to say, that if anybody should want their art featured here, leave a comment down in the comment box (vvv) down (vvv) there.

( EDIT: Hey everybody, guess what? :aww: Thanks to a certain someone, coughRiscough, ahem, sorry, bad cough there. Annnyway. Ehe-hem. :paranoid: I've decided to add five, yes five, special, yes special, spots for any of my friends who feel left out! :dummy: 'Cause I wants everyone to be happeh... ;w; So, if any o' my friends wants-a in, comment... NAAWUH... :stare: .... Domo Domo yooous~ :meow: )

Now, something I wanted you to know. I will be choosing who to feature and who not to. And I'll be going by these bases: Shows the most skill, shows the most effort, and looks nice.

Not in that order specifically, but you get the point, and that was just a few things. 

Now for the things I won't show, and be sure to read it carefully please:

Bases (I like to show what people can do on paper, and or their natural art skill, it's not bad to use a base, but that's just what it is, a base for your character), Blood and Gore (I've never been a guy for blood and guts, so, yeah), Extreme Violence (I don't mind if it's a fight scene and or the character is badly wounded or some such, but again, this topic relates to the blood and gore factor. If it's over the top, I'm not having that displayed here), Fetish/Personal Liking (As the subject states, Personal Liking, if it's something that works for a select group and not a topic you'd state without staggering a bit, then it's for that select group and no one else who may not appreciate it as much. I ain't starting anythin' here)

Okay. Now with that out of the way, so people understand partly of how I work when featuring an artist's work, let us get to featuring, shall we? :iconisaylaplz:

1. :iconbecca-zecca: ~ Sam the Hedgehog by Becca-ZeccaSarah the Hedgehog by Becca-Zecca Drom ((AT)) by Becca-Zecca

2. :iconchoc0h0lic: ~ Zoom - Sonic Channel by CHOC0H0LIC Kiss kiss fall in love by CHOC0H0LIC Commission: Sissy - Sonic Channel by CHOC0H0LIC

3. :iconsapphirewolf100: ~ ~:Boy Do I Try by SapphireWolf100 ~:Sapphire Forms Project:|. by SapphireWolf100 ~:Sunshine in Your Eyes:. by SapphireWolf100

4. :icondrake6401: ~ Queen of Apocalypse by Drake6401 CE: Summer Day by Drake6401 Kumari by Drake6401

5. :iconphoenixwing18: ~ Scara 2014 Design by PhoenixWing18 Limus the Goodra(new OC) by PhoenixWing18 Phantom of the Opera(WIP) by PhoenixWing18

6. :iconcrazy-cat009: ~ .:AT:. Through the Storm by Crazy-Cat009 Flying  Through Space by Crazy-Cat009 Saturn by Crazy-Cat009

7. :iconshadzethehedgehog: ~ Dan the Hedgehog SA Style 2014 by ShadzeTheHedgehog Laudine Lady of the Fountain by ShadzeTheHedgehog Shadze the Hedgehog - SA Style 2014 by ShadzeTheHedgehog

8. :iconcoffeedoq:.: settle down near the fire :. by Coffeedoq Smile by Coffeedoq oceans breeze by Coffeedoq

9. :iconoorockinroseoo: Midnight by oORockinRoseOo .:CP:. Watching the skies by oORockinRoseOo .:CP:. Siggy by oORockinRoseOo

10. :icontheashflash: ~ Caramel (Re)Design by TheAshFlash wanna talk about it? by TheAshFlash Up in the Clouds by TheAshFlash Vio Design by TheAshFlash

*:star: :star:Super special AWESOME exception spots~!:star: :star:(4)

11. :iconristahsistah: ~ witty little twin princesses by RistahSistahRissy ~ Sonic Channel by RistahSistah Sugarhigh puppy by RistahSistah

12. :iconxssys:I may be a hedgehog... by Xssys - Extraterrestrial - by Xssys I am no assassin... by Xssys

Also, check out this guy, TheAshFlash's fan made project,

the Sonic Advance 4 OST: 
Sonic Advance 4 OST Album Art WIP by TheAshFlash
Maximum Advantage


It's a work in progress, but I'm telling you, this project, is pretty boss if you ask me. Can't wait to see it finished and check out the tracks. :D It seems like a very ambitious project, and nice collaborative effort between him and a few other music artists. Some sick beats yo, some sick, beats. >w< And personally, I love his track Aero District, I just love that DnB. :music::stereo::music:

So check it out if you have the time. I'm sure they'd appreciate it very much. And I'm telling you, you're gonna like what you hear. ;)
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Objection MAX!
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:iconsonicwaveplz: Hi! I'm Jspeed384. But you can call me Jspeed, or J if you like. I am a Social, Artistic, Born Again Christian and Wondering Role Player. Who's a fan of SONIC, is a Gamer, likes cars, and loves the Lord, and my family. And I am blessed to have some good friends on here, improving art skills, and a growing relationship with the Lord. :thanks:

:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue::music:Songs I'm listening to the most of the day:music::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue:


DDR songs

Reorchestrated Legend of Zelda OSTs

Mega Man X game series BGM and OSTs
Mega Man X game series BGM and OST remakes
Mega Man X game series BGM and OST Remixes


Okami Original Soundtrack


Phoenix Wright series BGM and OSTs
Phoenix Wright series BGM and OST remakes
Phoenix Wright series BGM and OST remixes

Sonic game series BGM and OSTs
Sonic game series BGM and OST remakes
Sonic game series BGM and OST remixes

Drum N Bass
Christian Rock
Other game series BGM and OSTs

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletwhite::cd:… :cd::bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletred::bulletred:

>>>>>>>>>>:iconminisonicplz: About me :iconminiknucklesplz:<<<<<<<<<<

I'm a born again Christian, I'm a fan of the SONIC series, I enjoy meeting other artists, making new friends, you know, being social.

I like drawing, of course, playing SONIC, Action/Adventure, Racing, and other types of games that may interest me, listening to SONIC and other game BGM and OSTs, role playing, cars, and a lot of other things too. And maybe when you get to know me better, I'll tell you more about myself and the things that interest me, and hopefully maybe, we can become friends.

*~Good Qualities~*

|:bulletblue: Honest
|:bulletred: Loving
|:bulletgreen: Caring
|:bulletpurple: Trustworthy
|:bulletorange: Friendly
|:bulletyellow: Funny
|:bulletgreen: Fun Loving
|:bulletblue: Weird
|:bulletyellow: Nice
|:bulletgreen: Artistic
|:bulletorange: Imaginative
|:bulletpurple: Out going

>>>>>>>>>>>>:star: Custom Titles :star:<<<<<<<<<<<<

:iconsapphirewolf100: My Awesome Blue Wolf Sis
:iconkuro-no-yuki: My Anime Addicted Shadow Lucario Sis
:iconexplosive-dynamite: My Artistic Nerd Sis
:iconphantomphoenick: My Ghost Lucario Bro

:iconxssys: That Fluffy Scarred Were-Beast I call my best Buddy
:iconqueenember: My High-Flying Batty Friend
:iconladyrenatear: My Sleepy Fox Friend
:iconpuffuroo: The Friendly Girl Next Door Who's Always Singing
:iconthewaffleperson: The Weirdo Sitting On My Roof Who Comes In For Dinner
:iconbluesky07: The Random Dude I Just Met, Who I Miss A Bit
:iconthe-flare-ninja: My Annoying Neighbor

Pets and Animal Friends
:iconelectrypuppy: My Little Dog
:iconlaikarose: My Panda Who Lives Under My Bed
:iconcamasaurus: My Pet Turtle Who Munches On Chocolate All Day
:iconcrimson-soul16: The Apparently-Innocent Little Kitten Who Likes Playing Violent Video Games
:icongalm03: The Random Wolfie Who Pops Up from Nowhere
:iconfirestarkozwolf: That Super Awesome, Fire Red Wolf

>>>>>>>>>>>:bulletblue: Gifts & Requests :bulletblue:<<<<<<<<<<<

:iconxssys: Xssys ~J the Sketchy by XssysKeep On Running by XssysIn Sync by XssysJames the Hedgehog by XssysTwenty Fourteen by XssysSilent Night (J-S) by XssysJ the Hedgehog by XssysJ the Hedgehog - SA Style by XssysSissy :: J by XssysIt's Been A Long Day by XssysJames Chao by Xssys

:iconcrimson-soul16:Crimson-Soul16 ~ Gift Sketch by Crimson-Soul16

:iconqueenember: QueenEmber ~ Happy Birthday Jspeed384 by QueenEmber

:iconthewaffleperson: thewaffleperson ~ J And Don ye by thewaffleperson

:iconshattered-hedgehog: shattered-hedgehog ~ Art trade by shattered-hedgehog

:iconfirestarkozwolf: FirestarKozWolf ~ James .:Request:. by FirestarKozWolfHappy B-day Jspeed384!!! by FirestarKozWolf

:iconxxrosethehedgehogxx: xXrosethehedgehogXx ~ (RQ) JAMES THE HEDGEHOG by ijijiji

:iconzeldagirl88: ZeldaGirl88 ~ Request for Jspeed384 by ZeldaGirl88

:iconcool-mojo-sis: Cool-Mojo-Sis ~ James the Hedgehog .::Gift::. by Cool-Mojo-Sis

>>>>>>>>>>>:bulletgreen: Stamps that = me :bulletgreen:<<<<<<<<<<<

I Believe... Stamp by Mirz123More than a Signature by HarmonicSonicBelief vs Acceptance by RebiValeskaI'm NOT Holier than Thou by OnWingsOfBlueReligion vs. Relationship by Vexic929Stamp-I Support Jesus by Jazzy-C-OaksIt's all about YOU by Fyi-SusJesus heals by Danilee3240Stamp: Praising God by pralinkova-princeznaStamp: Count Your Blessings by delusional-dreamsLogical Belief by RebiValeskaChristianity Teaches Love by Allendra3Stamp-Love The Sinner Not Sin by Jazzy-C-OaksTrue Meaning Of Love by RebiValeskaOnly what we really need. by RebiValeskaFruits Of The HOLY Spirit (remade) by RebiValeskaStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 1 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 2 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 3 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 4 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 5 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 6 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 7 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 8 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 9 by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-Heaven's Light by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp: Love by delusional-dreamsStamp: Joy by delusional-dreamsStamp: Peace by delusional-dreamsStamp: Patience by delusional-dreamsStamp: Kindness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Goodness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Faithfulness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Gentleness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Self Control by delusional-dreamsSonic Team/SEGA Stamp by Super-HedgehogSonic Team by TheStampKingRU: STAMP games by SheirFaggotSonic Generations Stamp by SonicSpeedzSonic Generations stamp by Super-HedgehogClassic Sonic 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsModern Sonic 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsSonic 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsSonic the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiAmy 2011 by SA948-StampsAmy Rose Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiTails 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsTails the Fox Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiCream + Cheese 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsCream the Rabbit Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiKnuckles 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsKnuckles the Echidna Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiShadow 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsShadow the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiRouge 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsRouge the Bat Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiSilver 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsSilver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiBlaze 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsBlaze Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiProud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiWhen Worlds Collide by TheRosePrinceMegaMan X Series Fan Stamp by Coconut-raveStamp X by momoko-niiuStamp Axl by momoko-niiuStamp Zero by momoko-niiuSpeed Racer Stamp by Vega-ThreeSecond Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ameKingdom Hearts Stamp by CalintzKSora by EllexonKairi by EllexonRiku by EllexonPhoenix Wright Stamp by NateFoxObjection Stamp by BusirisMiles Edgeworth Stamp by NateFoxOP_Amaterasu Stamp by Stamp221Okami-Stamp by DinoclawsShiranui Stamp by Stamp221Knight   Rider Stamp by poserfanKnight Rider Stamp by poserfanKnight   Rider Stamp by poserfan..Real Paper Stamp.. by Rabid-WeaselsI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateI Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehogDrawing by TivariSissy the Hedgehog Stamp by Xssys:GF:SiGMA Stamp 2/2 by ShayTheHedgehog97dA Support Stamp by Mirz123Random Kind Comment Stamp by Mirz123ARK Support Stamp by Mirz123Be Nice Stamp by Mirz123Friendship Is Stamp by Mirz123Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123Judge Another Stamp by Mirz123Walk in Shoes Stamp by Mirz123Judge Book Cover Stamp by Mirz123Never Fit In Stamp by Mirz123Be Yourself Stamp by Mirz123Someone Loves You Stamp by Mirz123Fall Together Stamp by Mirz123Needed to Be Stamp by Mirz123Not-there-yet by Mirz123Evrythng Will Be Okay Stmp+PLZ by Mirz123Rainbow Tears Stamp by Mirz123Rain-Rainbow Stamp by Mirz123Tie Rope Hang On Stamp by Mirz123Keep Going Stamp by Mirz123True Friends Stamp by Mirz123Sticks and Stones Stamp by Mirz123Common Courtesy Stamp by Mirz123Look Down - Help Up Stamp by Mirz123Bee Good Stamp by Mirz123Love Feedback Stamp by Mirz123Reply Comments Stamp by Mirz123Pooh Think...Think Stamp by Mirz123Holmes Quote Stamp by Mirz123Shakespeare:Every Eye-Fixed by Mirz123

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???: YOU THERE, random stranger-of-whom-I-definitely-don't-know!
Jspeed384 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
J: Huh? And who is there, random person who claims to be a stranger to me?
Xssys Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*a figure appears out of nowhere, wearing a dark grey hoodie, with the hood covering most of their face*

???: ... *the figure walks up to him, then around him, observing him carefully* ... Hmmm...
Jspeed384 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
J: *stands there, glancing at the figure circling around him, then folds his arms as he does* .... 
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